The Social Network Movie

I went to the highly anticipated movie about the creation of Facebook and its founder Mark Zuckerberg today.  I loved his ruthless tone and comments and beliefs about certain personality types.  He definetely didn’t do certain business partners any favors and had a level of thievery in regards to business ethics.  In the end, I think it was his own insecurities that fueled that thievery and it wasn’t necessarily greed.  Who knows the real story and how close this portrayed the real story.  I presume that it was fairly accurate but who knows.  I do know this…..

I kept thinking throughout the movie how I was grateful that I decided that I no longer wanted a business partner months ago.   One thing I am a strong believer  in,  is to find an ability to cut myself lose of personalities that cause problems within my business strategy.  It all was a great experience to go through and I learned a lot about people throughout the process as the business broke up.   I will write much more about this in the coming months…more will be revealed.  It was a very good thing to go through from a business learning experience.  It just isn’t the kind of thing I should ever allow to happen again.

Some of my favorite quotes from my business partnership ending…….

“Okay…I want this to be a simple process, so lets get an Attorney”.

“The $500 per month discrepancy was probably because she didn’t carry the zero.”