There Is No Magic Bullet

The internet is not the end all form of advertising. Advertisers nowadays assume that the internet is their magic bullet and only needed form of advertising. The internet and its numerous marketing abilities is a very explosive means of marketing and advertising for any business. Yet you still need a good mix of the following forms of advertising.

• Yellowpages

• Internet Yellow Pages

• TV and Radio

• Word of Mouth and referral

• Internal Marketing to current customer base

• Customer Service Program in place

• Local Community Newspapers

* The Little Nickel

• HTML Built Craigs List Ads

• Outside Sales Reps

• Large or small Direct Mail programs

Multiple categories and multiple placement is a key ingredient. Advertise each aspect of your business that creates cash flow in some way.

Commit and budget between 5-7% of your gross annual revenue towards diversified ad programs.

Last but not least…track everything. Be sure to have Google Analytics on your site and phone tracking mechanisms in each print or online ad.

Websites included !