Web 2.0 Series: Micro Blogging


Micro Blogging

Have you ever used micro blogging?  Micro blogging has less content than traditional blogging.  Micro blogging can include a short blurb of copy and a web media element.  You can use short descriptive copy that introduces a video clip.  Micro blogging is a fast and convenient way to quickly get information to qualified buyers.

Think of how powerful micro blogging can be for you website and business.  You could start a micro blogging campaign for one or more products and services.  A micro blog can contain short messages and small display ads.  You can use your micro blogs to promote upcoming events, micro websites, new products and services.

Micro blogging is a hybrid form of social media.  Facebook and other social media spots have a micro blogging feature.  In social media circles it’s known as a status update.  Keep your micro blogging short, to the point and benefit-rich.  Use it to jet people to landing pages and other places you want them to go.  Make sure the information is useful, fun and profitable!

Clyde McDade is a Website Copywriter who writes websites for iLocal, Inc.
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