Web 2.0 Series : RSS FEEDS


The Power of an RSS Feed

While working with our web designer the other day I saw something interesting on our website. They were two odd looking icons in the upper right hand corner. I asked him what they were. “That’s our RSS feed.” I’d heard of an RSS feed, but never took the time to look into it further. What I learned will allow you to fill your in-house list with more qualified buyers. An RSS feed gives your website and business a few powerful benefits.

Benefit #1: Become an Authority

An RSS feed allows readers to freely subscribe to your online blog. Your daily or weekly blog posts are automatically sent to their inbox once they sign up. Readers sign up using their e-mail address. You can use your RSS feed to become an authority on any given topic. Your blog should be focused on information designed to help qualified buyers solve their problems. If you keep supplying helpful and useful information your qualified buyers will keep coming back.

When it comes time to make a purchase they’ll choose you first. Why? You’ve established yourself as a trusted authority on solving their problems. On the web it’s not enough to have a website. And who cares if you have a slick video presentation. At the end of the day qualified buyers are looking for products and services that solve their problems.

Benefit #2: Gain Qualified Buyers

Having readers of your RSS feed is one thing. Gaining qualified buyers is another. You need two goals for your RSS feed. First you want to establish your business and website as an authority on solving their problems. Second you want to gain qualified buyers who need your solutions. Visitors who browse your site won’t increase your profits. Only qualified buyers will fill that role.

What’s a qualified buyer? A qualified buyer is someone who needs your solution, needs it now, can afford it and is ready to use it now. That’s a lot different than someone who is looking around. By giving them relevant content that will solve their problems more qualified buyers will show up on your website and buy from you.

Benefit #3: Control of Information

The biggest benefit of your RSS feed is that it allows qualified buyers to opt-in to your blog. The qualified buyer doesn’t have to worry about spam. They’ve decided to receive information from you on a regular basis. By opting in the qualified buyer controls the information they receive from you. This is good, because they’re very close to becoming a regular paying customer. As time goes on they can decide to receive more detailed information on your other products and services.

Here’s a true fact. We don’t buy from people we don’t like. I buy my vanilla steamers at Starbucks, because I like them. The guy who’ll put in our deck next summer got the job, because my wife and I like him. If qualified buyers are getting useful information from you they will like you. And ultimately they will buy from you. Don’t pass up the opportunity to use your blog as an RSS feed. You’ll gain more website authority, qualified buyers and profits!

Clyde McDade is a Website Copywriter who writes websites for iLocal, Inc.
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