Web Design Services in Maple Valley, WA


We recently received a phone call from a long standing business in Maple Valley, WA that needs help with website design. I personally have known the owners of this business for 5 years. Circumstance has kept them from being able to hire us and consult with us for their online marketing campaign for their Auto Repair Shop in Maple Valley, WA. The past two years they have been involved with a website company that has not been providing good service or good content development for the customer. The website is really boring. Content is what creates phone calls and email inquiries from a small business website. The more content your site has the more our web design firm believes you will receive calls. Owning your own website and developing that website is a key unlike any other form of marketing and advertising. Your own website is yours. Unlike pay per click, yellow pages, newspaper, radio, tv..advertising..etc, your own website is the only form of media that is building equity in your own marketing brand. The rest of the options are just “leased” forms of advertising and they disappear just as soon as you stop your pay per click campaign or yellow page ad. Your website though benefits from all the work you put into it. You truly capture the purest long term return investment from any content you develop into your own website. If you own a business in the Maple Valley area, then feel free to contact us at 206.790.1999 or visit us online at:
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