Web Development

Web Development Involves Six Crucial Steps for Success in Seattle

Most websites fail, because they don’t have proper web development. There are six crucial steps to successful web development. At iLocal, Inc. we’ll help you accurately complete these steps for a profit producing website.

Web Planning

Establish your target market, message, products and services.

Web Analysis

Decide what content will be used.  These include video and audio applications.

Web Design

How will your website look and feel?  The right web design makes it highly functional and user-friendly.

Web Promotion

What’s the best way to market your website? Our marketing team will help you with website promotion.  We’ll show you how social media marketing can increase web traffic and sales.

Web Innovation

Not updating your website can lead to lower profits. Keep your site updated with new web innovations.  These tactics include new designs, product and service demonstrations.

Web Implementation

Once you’ve planned, analyzed and designed your site it’s time to implement it. We’ll help you test downloads, videos, audio clips and more.

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