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Videographer Services for Professional Web Video Marketing

Did you know 40% of the world’s population is visual?  Combine high powered marketing copy with videos.   Contact iLocal, Inc. for videographer services.  Videographer services from iLocal, Inc. gives you professional web video marketing for your businesses.  Videographer services are available for marketing videos, educational videos and business testimonial videos.  We can film videos from 2-60 minutes in length.

Our videographer is professional and highly trained in web video marketing.  He understands how to properly film your marketing videos and testimonial videos.  Videographer services tell your customer, company and product stories.  Videographer services include filming and editing.  Get a leg up on your competition today.   Videographer services are affordable and reliable.  Contact iLocal, Inc. for videographer services.

•    Marketing videos for products and services
•    Testimonial videos from delighted customers
•    Web Video Filming and editing included
•    Video marketing packages to save you money
•    Product demonstration videos
•    Professional videographer/video production
•    Business videos done onsite

Marketing videos demonstrate how your products and services work.  Marketing videos back up the visual aspects of your online copy.  Get marketing videos for your business that compel customers to buy now.  iLocal, Inc. offers marketing videos.  Our videographer will come out and film marketing videos you can put on your website or YouTube.  Marketing videos are the fast way to show prospects and customers what you offer.  Complete your marketing message with marketing videos.

•    Product Videos
•    Service Videos
•    Short Infomercials
•    Website Marketing Videos
•    YouTube Marketing Videos

Video Production for Testimonial and Demonstration Videos

Check any of your competitor websites.  Almost none will have customer testimonial videos.  Nobody makes customer testimonial videos like iLocal, Inc.  We’ll contact your list of highly satisfied customers.  We’ll get them on camera bragging about your business, products and services.  Today, prospects want to hear from real customers who’ve paid money to do business with you.  Our testimonial videos are less than two minutes long.  We’ll film testimonial videos that are benefit-rich and factual.  Line up your best customers today.  Schedule your customer testimonial videos with iLocal, Inc.

•    Customer testimonial videos
•    Done at your customers home or business
•    Less than two minutes long
•    Professional filming and editing
•    Loaded onto your website


Want to educate your customer base on certain topics?  We film and edit educational videos.  Educational videos quickly educate customers on topics you know.  Educational videos establish you as an expert in your field.  With educational videos customers learn about your expertise faster.  These videos can lead to faster buying decisions from customers and prospects.  Educational videos can spotlight a topic of the month or week.   We can film a series of videos, so you can release them as apart of your video campaign.  Schedule your educational video appointment today!

•    Establishes your company as an expert
•    Create faster buying decisions
•    Build trust with customers and prospects
•    Reach motivated buyers
•    Educational video series


Web Video Production for Internet Marketing Videos

Show off your specialized products.  We will film your product in action for the world to see.  We offer video production for any type of product.  Video production let customers see how your product works in real time.  Product videos highlight the benefits of your products.  Our video production will show how your products solve specific problems.  Our video production can feature customers using your product.  The immediate visual benefit can get your phones ringing.  Contact iLocal, Inc. for your product videos and professional video production service.

•    Highlights customers using your product
•    Features your unique product benefits
•    Use in your online marketing campaigns
•    Videos done in black or white film

Contact iLocal, Inc. for professional videographer services.


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