Website Consulting


iLocal, Inc. is proud to be a website design and consulting company.  When iLocal starts a web design project we first turn over the project to our copy writing team for industry specific research and analysis.  As we consult with our client in regards to their website project we really have our process dialed in.  We have a great system in place in regards to research, design and final optimization.  We know what the customer doesn’t know in regards to web design.  We know that they don’t have a clue in regards to the many key features of site optimization.  We have came across many web designers that think building a good website ends with just the design and content formation process.  A iLocal, Inc. site takes it a few steps further and we implement a basic optimization process into the web design.  We have numerous website customers that are on the first page of search engines in very competitive categories because of this extra step we take.  Our prices are still very competitive but we try and give our customers something a little extra.  We track and trace the usage of our websites and we also contact customers long after the site is completed if their site is not performing well.

High quality web design is not our only objective.  Content is what creates call volume and we believe it is our responsibility to create valuable content for our customers.  Our management team actually has the lowest value on actual site design.  SIMPLE Typography and placement of text is our highest quality of objective.  We are geeks about this.  I don’t want to make it sound like the design and creative side of things is not a concern because we know ourselves how a crappy looking site can get traffic and not get any response.  As a web consultant we really try to be patient and do our best to put the best overall product to the web.   iLocal currently has 17 website projects in cue.  We work long work days and try to put the highest quality and level of professionalism in to each website project.  Our customers live in a fast pace world of small business and our biggest disappointment as website consultants is the lack of time they have to devote to their important website projects.  Once again…we know what our customers don’t have a clue about and our goal is to provide them with content rich websites that meet our high expectations. is a site that has been live for less than 30 days but has already received 26 phone calls.  If we just built a site with the pictures and content and didn’t complete the entire website consulting process then I assure everyone that this customer wouldn’t have 5 phone calls thus far.  iLocal, Inc. is a premium website consulting firm and we are proud to build successful websites.