What They Don't Tell You About: Web Design - Part 2

Dear Business Owner,

Last time we talked about a simple web profit trigger that will increase calls and sales. Today we’ll chat about the single most powerful web design tool there is. Normally I’d do a fancy countdown of articles, but I prefer to get to the point.

Web design firms like to push for fancy graphics and colors on your site. This doesn’t translate into qualified leads and sales. Web Design Profit Trigger #2 will bring you the qualified leads and sales you need.

Web design profit trigger #2 is the most powerful web design tool known on the internet. It generates more traffic, qualified leads and sales than any SEO tool there is. Let me give you a clue. Your customers and prospects spend hours a day doing this. Do you know what it is?

Web Design Profit Trigger #2

Did you know Google owns You Tube? You Tube is a powerful marketing tool. You can load songs and videos for free. People spend hours a day and night watching television and videos. When setting up your web design always use video. Video is a web design profit trigger for a few reasons.

First, it helps increase your search engine rankings. Remember search engines are after relevant content for consumers. If your site doesn’t have relevant content it won’t get ranked.

Second, a video does something words can’t. It instantly shows how your product or service solves a specific problem. How many times have we seen before and after commercials? Shoot a video of your prospect experiencing a problem before using your product or solution. Then put in a shot of your product or service solving their problem.

In the book NeuroMarketing, by Patrick Renvoise` and Christophe Morin a powerful observation is made. The human mind contains what’s called the old brain. The old brain is the actual decision maker. The old brain prefers visual information. It’s because visual information allows you to make instant decisions.

What’s more powerful? Describing what a rattle snake can do in four pages of text or showing a video of one in action? Using video demonstrations or video customer testimonials is the most powerful way to gain qualified leads and sales through your website. Everything is live and in action. Customers and prospects can see for themselves how your product or service will solve their problems.
You can view an iLocal, Inc. customer video testimonial at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xN6OOA5WK9M. See for yourself how relevant this type of video can be to your website.

Next time I’ll introduce you to web design profit trigger #3. This is becoming more popular with our clients at iLocal, Inc. It gives them instant real time contact with their customers. And no it’s not social media. It’s a web design tool most web design firms overlook. Web design profit trigger #3 allows you to build a trusting relationship with customers and prospects.

Clyde McDade is a Website Copywriter who writes websites for iLocal, Inc.
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