What They Don’t Tell You About : Web Design - Part 3


Dear Business Owner,

There’s an old saying that “the devil is in the details.” If you miss the details of building your website, you’ll risk losing customers and profits. Today we’ll discuss web profit trigger #3. I actually stumbled on this by accident, while speaking to a client. They pointed it out to me and I nearly fell out of my chair.

The idea is simple and easy to implement. All you need is one person who can track it for you. Web profit trigger #3 has nothing to do with social media. If you go to a website that draws in countless leads, you’ll find it there. But I doubt you’d even notice it. Keep something in mind.

People like things to be simple. I hate it when I call a business and get the “run-around” with their phone system. I get transferred to 3-5 different people before the right person can help. This wastes my time and makes me feel unimportant as a customer. It motivates me to spend my hard earned money elsewhere. Your website may be alienating qualified buyers and customers.

There are two things visitors want from you. First, they want you to help them solve their problems. Second, they want to get in touch with you fast. There’s a web design profit trigger tool, which delivers both of these things. It’s not fancy or complicated. If done well, you won’t have to worry about building your customer base.

Web Design Profit Trigger #3

I’d like you to visit www.hometask.com. You’ll be asked a question. Hit no and put in your zip code. At the top of the page you’ll see a “schedule services” tab. A picture of a handy man will appear. Below it you’ll see an appointment calendar and contact box. This set up gives visitors some important benefits.

Benefit #1: Convenient Scheduling

They can book an appointment with you at their convenience. Neither you nor they have to wonder when you can help them. The downside for you is you need to know when you’ll be available to serve them. The upside is the customer can immediately schedule an appointment with you. This fast web design option gives them instant gratification. But the appointment calendar is not web design profit trigger #3.

Benefit #2: Instant Contact

The contact box allows the qualified buyer to contact you now. This overlooked web design profit trigger is a must on your website. They can instantly let you know what their problem is. They can describe it in detail. And you get to read it and get back to them quickly. They don’t have to leave a voicemail or be on hold over the phone.

Benefit #3: Authority and Credibility

It establishes you as an authority, by giving solutions to customer problems. This type of education marketing gives you credibility in their eyes. Even if customers don’t buy from you, they won’t forget how fast you helped them. The contact box can be used to just answer questions they have. Remember, they may not be ready to buy when they contact you. Offering free information without high pressure sales can result in many future sales.

The “Friend” Approach

Too many business owners whack qualified visitors and customers over the head with their website. They use weird color combinations, too many graphics and other elements. It’s like being at a party with too many people. Don’t try to sell them. Instead use the “friend” approach.

A good friend makes being around them a joy. You can lighten up, because there’s no expectation. You get to be yourself. Be a friend to your visitors. Make your site easy to navigate. Tone down the wild colors. Make getting in contact with you easy. Place an instant contact box on your home page. Place it below a video or other element on the right hand side of the home page. They can watch the video. Once they see your product or service in action they can contact you for more information. This will help you build profitable relationships for both parties.

Qualified buyers and customers are tired of being yelled at. Treat them like a good friend. By using web design profit trigger #3, you’ll attract more qualified buyers who will turn into loyal customers. I look forward to sharing Web Design Profit Trigger #4 with you. It speeds up reading your website. This simple web design option is overlooked, but keeps qualified visitors reading your content.

Clyde McDade is a Website Copywriter who writes websites for iLocal, Inc.
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