What They Don’t Tell You About: Web Design - Part 5


Dear Business Owner,

Today I’d like to share a web design profit trigger you may have overlooked. I haven’t seen these on many websites. I’m sure there are a lot more out there. Here’s what I love about this web design profit trigger. It instantly connects you with qualified buyers and customers. In today’s fast paced world people hate waiting. There’s nothing more irritating than being put on hold. And being given a number selection is getting tiring.

A client of ours in the Seattle area came up with a way to instantly communicate with their qualified buyers. I like to call it Web Design Profit Trigger #5. Imagine hopping on a website and someone pops up ready to help you with your problem. That’s exactly what our client did. And now let me share web design profit trigger #5.

Web Design Profit Trigger #5

A “Start Chat” window pops into view when you visit their site. You see the picture of a friendly assistant. They list their name and ask the most important question you can ask a qualified buyer or customer. “How can I assist you?” You click on the “start chat” icon and begin typing in your question or problem.

Your qualified buyer doesn’t have to waste time calling or searching through your website. They can instantly share their problem and get a resolution. This shows you respect their time and immediate issue. Once the qualified buyer is done they can go through the rest of your site.

This is courteous, because you’re giving them an option. They can get instant gratification and browse your site for more info later. You’ve given them two things at once. This web profit trigger is called the “Live Chat”. It’s powered by Total Live Chat. I’m pretty sure this will become more popular as time goes on.

As a business owner web design profit trigger #5 is a must in today’s market. With a Live Chat option you can instantly communicate with and help your customers. By helping qualified buyers and customers now you won’t lose them to competitors later.
They’ll recognize you as a fast and knowledgeable solution source.

Why does a Live Chat option trigger profits for your company? It gives your customers and qualified buyers, instant gratification. We all pay top dollar for it. They get what they want now. This is part of the reason our client has over 100,000 customers. You must instantly provide qualified buyers and customers with what they need and want.
If you don’t your competitors will.
Next time we’ll take a look at Web Design Profit Trigger #6. I’ve mentioned it under a bigger umbrella earlier in this series. Web design profit trigger #6 will end up being the fastest way to trigger profits for your website.

Clyde McDade is a Professional Website Copywriter who writes for iLocal, Inc.

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