What They Don’t Tell You About: Web Design - Part 6


Dear Business Owner,

Web design profit trigger #2 talked about the power of video on your website. Today I’m going tell you about Web Design Profit Trigger #6. This one will soon trump any type of video on your website. In a moment I’ll tell you why. Keep something in mind. Right now you can load any type of video on your site and it’ll increase your search engine rankings.
But so what? Like website copywriting it takes more than just putting something on your site. Ultimately it has to be something that solves problems for qualified buyers and customers.

Web design profit trigger #6 does exactly this. It’s so powerful it will end up being the most important part of your website. In fact it’ll drive more profits than anything else in the near future for websites. You must implement web design profit trigger #6 with care. Doing a sloppy job will lose your company money. Now let’s find out more about web design profit trigger #6.

Web Design Profit Trigger #6

Customer video testimonials will be the new wave of website videos. Right now you’re seeing videos of owners touting their products and services. Even mini-commercials are on the rise. These will fade over time and here’s why. Nothing sells your product or service faster than word-of-mouth advertising. Here’s the purpose of any great advertising. The goal is to “get the word out” about a product or service.

Once people are talking about your product or service to others, you’re on your way. In online language we call it “going viral”. Imagine having solid customer video testimonials telling how you helped solve their problems. Qualified buyers will flock to your site ready to order.

Why does this work? Qualified buyers want to see real proof your product or service works. Great customer video testimonials mention a specific problem and how your product or service solved it. You see this all the time with infomercials. Thrilled customers talk about how miserable their lives were until they bought a certain product or service. When this happens the orders roll in.

Put this same concept to work on your website. Don’t just tell folks what you can do for them. Show them through customer video testimonials. Make sure the picture is good and you can clearly hear your customers sharing. If possible have them holding or using your product or service.
Seeing all of this in live action gives qualified buyers something to buy now. If they like your videos they’ll tell everyone through any means necessary. At iLocal, Inc. we believe in the power of customer video testimonials. They’re becoming more popular with our own customers. I suggest you start getting your customer video testimonial plan together. You’ll increase your online presence and trigger more profits!

The next article will wrap up our web design profit triggers. And number seven will be fun. It’s simple, but few businesses use it. If you’re in the service business Web Design Profit Trigger #7 is a must!

Clyde McDade is a Website Copywriter who writes websites for iLocal, Inc.
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