Yellow Page Companies


I have yet to ever come across a website built by Dex, Verizon, or Yellowbook that had any long term quality in regards to web design. These companies are so difficult to deal with in regards to customer service and domain transfer.

These companies have the best local customers for web design products because most of them are long term yellow page customers. Unfortunately they provide them the worst web design product offering available. Their sites have zero search engine optimization qualifications. Most of them are lowering their rates but they are still not rates worth investing any internet spend towards.

I sold a site the other day that was from a yellow page company and they didn’t even ever put the customers physical address in their website. Search Engines would never sift any address out of their site for any Seattle area search. It is a disgrace really. These companies are all way to big and and when the customer called them it was such a horrible customer experience. I was on hold with Yellowbook the other day for over 1 hour and I was transferred 3 times, got disconnected twice and put on hold at one point for 34 minutes without any one helping me. Just hold music.

The yellow page industry still has a powerful print offering and if you know which books to utilize they can still be very profitable. Just stay far away from their website products. If you buy a website from them….then buyer beware.